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Our story

Platalea studio was born out of a passion for both art and design. We love how both are so intrinsically intertwined in ways that are often too subtle to surmise in our everyday routines. Our goal is to provide a voice for those who are often marginalized or hidden in the shadows. We do this by representing our ideologies through our designs, the materials we pick and the people we choose to build them.

The studio is born in the heart of a vibrant art scene in Mexico City and its surrounding areas, where traditional techniques and materials melded with new inspirations to take on a new life. Everything we do is created by local artisans who are proud to have their work exhibited around the world.

At Platalea, we have composed and exhibited varied collections that range from unique exhibition pieces to dinnerware, rugs, benches, stools and light fixtures. Each piece belongs to a collection that was carefully fleshed out by our artists and designers to give them a fascinating story brimming with history and intent.