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  Discover our artistic collections that are inspired by Mexican culture or current social issues. Each one of our collections are unique and have the purpose of getting a message across. 

All of our collectable art is available only by request. Please contact us at for inquiries.



Happiness as a form of resistance 

The colors and shapes took their inspiration from those unsolved mysteries which became fixations and longings in adulthood. Happiness is a playful collection founded in the desire of provoking delight and creating a small world full of fantasies, extravaganza and stories with happy endings. Happiness by Platalea is the optimist foresight of a childhood lived under utopic promises of a modern Mexico after the Olympics of ’68.


Yo Jaguar collection comes from the former Aztec jaguar warriors, the army member who served as a professional soldier within the special forces. The jaguar warriors belonged to the unprivileged social class, unlike their companions, the eagle warriors who belonged to the nobility. 

With Yo Jaguar, we talk about meritocracy, where hierarchical positions are conquered based on the merit of honest work. The collection is a way of paying tribute to people who fight and work hard to make things better in Mexico. 

We designed Yo Jaguar as a trilogy of empowering elements: 

The reflection of the face itself on the face of the Jaguar. 

The body that bathes in light that protects and delimits a space. 

The modest seat that provides rest and dignity